• Definition
    Contract system in which KOTRA assumes the status of contracting party representing the government of the Republic of Korea when Korean companies export defense materials
  • Purpose
    To enhance the transparency and credibility of a GtoG contract
  • Services
    • Supports the entire process from confirmation of purchasing government’s intention to the signing of the contract on behalf of the Korean government
    • Continuous monitoring on faithful execution of a contract to prevent disputes on breach of contract, and support for developing solutions for disputes
  • Process
    • Confirmation of purchasing government’s purchase intention

      f intent to a Korean diplomatic establis-hment or a Korea Business Center

      • When purchasing country’s government selects a preferred Korean company

        Request for G2G contract

        The selected Korean company submits a G2G contract application to KOTRA(KODITS)

      • When purchasing country’s government does not select a preferred Korean company

        Reviews export capabilities of Korean companies and selects a company

        01 Put up public notice to receive applicati-ons from domestic companies, 02 KOTRA(KODITS) reviews the export capa-bilities of the applicants and selectsa company

      • Evaluation of selected company’s export capabilities

        KOTRA (KODITS) reviews the export  capab-ilities of the selected company to decide whether or not to proceed with the G2G contract

      • Request for G2G contract

        The selected company submits a G2G contract application to KOTRA(KODITS)

    • G2G contract negotiation

      Negotiation of the contract between purch-asing government ? KOTRA (KODITS) - Korean company

    • Review by G2G contract special committee

      After the contract negotiation has been completed, the G2G contract special com-mittee reviews the contract

    • Signing of contract of commitment

      Before signing the contract with the purch-asing government, the Korean company signs a contract of commitment with KOTRA (KODITS)

    • Signing of contract

      KOTRA (KODITS) signs the contract with the government of the purchasing country on behalf of the Korean government

    • Monitoring of contract execution

      KOTRA (KODITS) monitors and checks the execution and the progress of the contract

  • Contact Information
    • Section Chief of G2G Contract Management Office, Gu Eun Ah
    • Tel : 02-3460-7817
    • Email : guna@kotra.or.kr
    • Fax : 02-3460-7907