• Definition
    A financing scheme in which the exporting country's bank provides a loan to the importing country when the importing country's payment capability is limited
  • Purpose
    To increase Korean defense enterprises' export opportunities amid unfavorable conditions such as the increase in large-scale defense export deals and intensifying market competition by providing financing schemes to the purchasing country through a Korean financial organization
  • Services
    Provides customized financial consulting and linkage to financial organizations, taking into account the importing country's demands and export contract requirements.
  • Defense export financing institutions
    Korea Trade Insurance Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Korea, other financial institutions, etc.
  • Process
    1. 01

      Visit or call KODITS

    2. 02

      KODITS provides financial consulting and information on financing services to domestic firms

    3. 03

      KODITS asks for financial institution's cooperation

    4. 04

      Financial institution issues Letter of Interest(LOI) to the purchasing government

    5. 05

      Completion of financial contract draft by financial institution

    6. 06

      Negotiation between the purchasing government and the financial institution

    7. 07

      Signing of financial contract and financial guarantee agreement between the purchasing government and the financial institution

    8. 08

      Execution of loan

  • Support structure illustrated

    * A project's loan amount should exceed the guarantee amount, and the Korea Eximbank's annual guarantee amount cannot exceed 35% of the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation's total guarantee amount.

  • Contact Information
    • Financial Advisor(Director of K-sure) of Defense Industry Planning Office, Su Mi Lee
    • Tel : +82-2-3460-7307
    • Email : 818020@kotra.or.kr
    • Fax : +82-2-3460-7907