KODITS, a reliable partner for Korean defense exporters

  • Background of establishment

    Because the original defense export support system where ministries and government agencies separately provided support was not effective for meeting the diversified demands of the global defense material market, KODITS was launched on Oct. 15, 2009 as a pan-governmental one-stop defense export support body under the participation of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of National Defense, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

  • Legal ground

    Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency Act, Article 10 Paragraph 1 In order to attain the purpose referred to in Article 1, KOTRA shall perform the following projects.

    Subparagraph 8 Projects falling under the following categories regarding export of defense materials and materials equivalent to defense materials (hereinafter referred to as "defense materials, etc.") under Article 38 Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 4 of the Defense Acquisition Program Act;

    1. (a) Performing the status of the party on behalf of a domestic enterprise when concluding a contract concerning export of the defense materials, etc. with the government of purchasing state
    2. (b) Preparation of draft for package negotiation associating defense materials, etc. with industry, resources and investment cooperation, and establishment of financial support scheme
    3. (c) Other projects which the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Administrator of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration deem necessary to support trade of defense materials, etc.

    Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Act, Article 10 Paragraph 2 For effective implementation of the projects referred to in paragraph 1 Subparagraph 8, Korea Defence Industry Trade Support Center shall be established under KOTRA

  • Main activities

    • Assumes the status of a contracting party on behalf of the Korean government when concluding a G2G contract with another government, in order to enhance the transparency and credibility of the contract
    • Collects and analyzes information on major purchasing countries' offset trade regulations and supports the preparation and implementation of draft for package negotiation
    • Prepares a draft for package deal negotiations after developing and reviewing cooperation programs in the field of industrial resources, etc. to satisfy the purchasing country's demands
    • Provides financing schemes to help Korean defense enterprises increase their export opportunities amid unfavorable conditions such as the increase in large-scale defense export deals and intensifying market competition.
    • Performs export marketing activities such as hosting the Korea Defense and Security Week (KODAS) to expand defense exports, supporting defense enterprises' participation in overseas exhibitions(AUSA), organizing programs for nurturing export pioneer enterprises and operating defense industry-supporting KBCs
  • KODITS Introducing Video