• Definition
    A conditional trade of defense materials in which certain benefits are promised to the purchasing country, such as technology transfer or import of weapons, equipment or components from the purchasing country
  • Purpose
    To assist the development of the purchasing country's defense industry and reduce purchasing costs by transferring technology and ordering defense product components from the purchasing country, so that a mutually beneficial defense contract agreement can be reached
  • Services
    • Supports export offset (civilian area)

      · Collects and analyzes major export destination countries’ offset trade data, and supports the preparation and execution of offset proposals

  • Process
    Exporting company
    1. 01. Request support for offset in civilian areas
    2. 02. Prepare offset trade proposal to be submit-ted to purchasing country and carry out negotiation
    3. 03. Implement offset trade
    KODITS (civilian area)
    1. 01. Prepare a support plan by collecting and analyzing the trade destination country's offset regulation
    2. 02. Support the preparation of draft for negotiation, such as identifying projects subject to offset trade support
    3. 03. Calculate the monetary value of the benefit
  • Contact Information
    • Deputy director of Defense Industry Trade Office, Seung Hwan CHOI
    • Tel : +82-2-3460-7803
    • Email : choicesh@kotra.or.kr
    • Fax : +82-2-3460-7907