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  • Definition
    Various marketing activities for expanding the export of defense materials. Examples include: programs to nurture export pioneer enterprises to penetrate overseas defense procurement markets; the Korea Defense and Security Week (KODAS) and trade missions to find new buyers and expand the sales network; support of overseas exhibitions to promote Korea's quality defense products.
  • Purpose
    To expand defense exports by promoting the high quality of Korean defense products, finding new overseas buyers and expanding the sales network.
  • Services
    • (Nurturing export pioneer companies) Provide comprehensive support to Korea's small and medium defense companies to help them enter overseas government procurement markets.
    • (Hosting export fairs at home and abroad) Host the Korea Defense and Security Week in Korea and dispatch defense trade missions overseas to increase export opportunities and expand the sales network
    • (Support participation in overseas exhibitions) Support domestic defense companies' participation in defense and security exhibitions and Navy cruise training exhibitions in overseas countries to promote Korea's quality defense products.
  • Procedures and reference
    • Nurturing Export Pioneer Companies
    • KODAS (Business Consulting Session)
    • Trade Missions
    • Overseas Exhibitions
    • Navy Cruiser Exhibition