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  • Definition
    Collection of information on package deals preferred by the importing country and preparation of package deals linking major industrial resources in the process of exporting defense materials.
  • Purpose
    To increase Korea's defense export opportunities by implementing industrial resources cooperation programs as requested by the purchasing government.
  • Services
    Supports the preparation of draft negotiations for industrial, investment and resources cooperation programs that meet the demands of the purchasing country.
  • Process
    • (Information collection) Collection of information on package deals preferred by purchasing countries from overseas diplomatic offices, defense companies, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, etc.
    • (Preparation of draft for negotiation) Establishment of a task force comprised of related ministries, companies participating in package deals and defense exporters, coordination among task force members and preparation of a draft for negotiation.
    • (Negotiation) Negotiation to win bid for projects
  • Contact Information
    • Deputy Director of Defense Industry Planning Office, Min ju Cha
    • Tel : +82-2-3460-7305
    • Email :
    • Fax : +82-2-3460-7907