Overseas Purchase Information(Inquiries)

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  • Definition
    KOTRA's defense industry-supporting Korea Business Centers (KBCs) in 32 countries provide overseas purchasing information (inquiries) collected through local networks to relevant businesses.
  • Purpose
    To expand overseas exports by acquiring local inquiries and providing them to the domestic companies.
  • Services
    • Collect overseas purchase information (inquiries) acquired from local military personnel and other networks that defense industry-supporting KBCs possess, and provide it to the domestic companies.
    • Provide crucial information of the promising defense & security items from KOTRA’s local business centers to Korean defense & security manufactor.
  • How to access overseas purchase information
    - Access the ‘Overseas purchase information (Inquiries)’ board on the KODITS website
  • Contact Information
    • Assistant of GtoG Contract Management Office, Ha Eun Lee
    • Tel : +82-2-3460-7808
    • Email : haeunlee@kotra.or.kr
    • Fax : +82-2-3460-7907