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  • Definition
    Among KOTRA's 127 Korea Business Centers (KBCs) in 86 countries, 32 KBCs in countries where Korean defense material exporters have high export potential have been designated as defense industry-supporting KBCs. The KBCs support Korea's defense material exports by finding buyers, assisting projects and collecting inquiries and defense industry information in the host country and neighboring countries.
  • Purpose
    To acquire and provide up-to-date local defense industry news, attract buyers in overseas markets and support projects by utilizing KOTRA's KBCs in promising defense export markets.
  • Services
    • Collects local defense industry news (government policy trends, news release) and inquiries.
    • Attracts buyers and explores export opportunities by contacting and meeting local government personnel, non-defense industry personnel (police, etc.) and buyers.
    • Aids GtoG trade and other ongoing projects in the country.
  • Operation status
    No. of defense industry-supporting KBCs as of 2018 : 32 KBCs in 7 regions



    ( No. of KBCs )

    South East Asia



    Bangkok(Thailand), Manila(Philippines), Hanoi(Vietnam),

    Sydney(Australia), Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia), Vientiane(Laos),


    North America(1)

    Washington D.C.(USA)

    South West Asia(1)



    Johannesburg(Republic of South Africa), Nairobi(Kenya)


    Warsaw(Poland), Budapest(Hungary), London(UK),
    Prague(Czech), Helsinki(Finland), Beograd(Serbia)

    Latin America(8)

    Lima(Peru), Bogota(Colombia), Quito(Ecuador), Sao Paulo(Brazil),

    Rio de Janeiro(Brazil), Santiago(Chile), Buenos Aires(Argentina),

    Mexico City (Mexico) 

    Middle East(7)

    Dubai(UAE), Riyadh(Saudi Arabia), Muscat(Oman), Amman(Jordan),

    Istanbul(Turkey), Cairo(Egypt), Tel Aviv(Israel) 







  • Contact Information
    • Assistant Manager of Defense Industry Planning Office, Seung Hun Ahn
    • Tel : +82-2-3460-7309
    • Email :
    • Fax : +82-2-3460-7907